Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes, I'm Still Here And What About The Pistons?

Hi. You remember me, right? I'm the guy that used to post here. As Ian graciously observes, I've been blogging, but just not at Beyond Boxscores. I hope to be back on a more regular basis soon, but I've got some unfinished work do to at the other place, so posting should increase here, but in rather sporadic fashion.

Let me take a moment to thank the both of you who continue to stop by here, either lost or patiently hoping for me to regain my senses and leave college baseball behind to post something of note at BB. I have to admit that I am surprised and a bit humbled that some of you persist in coming here even when I don't. Thank you.

I make only one apology--to those who have so kindly linked here. A number of bloggers have listed BB in their link section and to them, I am sorry for not maintaining my end of the bargain. I hate dead links and blogs that don't try to keep pace. BB has become one of those over the last thirty days and I apologize to you for providing your readers with, well, nothing.

I can't say that I'm sure what direction either blog will take, but I do want keep you informed. Please consider yourself informed, but enough about me. What have you guys been doing to the Pistons, while I've been gone?

I'll cut to the chase on this one. I think the Pistons have fallen prey to their own egos. I hate to even type that sentence, but I think it's true. This team believes it's better than it is. It believes it can win without it's "A" game. It believes it knows more than its coaches, past and present. I believe they are willing to blame anyone and everyone for their shortcomings but themselves.

This team may prevail this evening and give us hope, but all I see now is whining, finger-pointing and poor basketball with an unhealthy dose of self-confidence tossed in. It's not exactly the recipe for success.