Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tigers Do It, Again

At this pace, even the thesaurus is going to run out of new words to describe the 2006 Detroit Tigers. Remarkable. Incredible. Unbelievable. Fantastic. Amazing. Astounding. The list goes on, but let's be honest, we've just about used them all up.

I went to last night's affair and I'm still kind of in shock. By now, you all know the story. Kenny Rogers spots Cleveland three early runs, settles down, gets two innings of relief help from Joel Zumaya and the Tigers get within a run heading into the bottom of the ninth. The Tigers then win the game with a two out, two run jack from Pudge Rodriguez. Pudge, his teammates and roughly 43,000 of Rodriguez' new best friends go bananas.

After the initial euphoria over Pudge's dinger faded, I sat back in my seat, basically, awestruck. I pondered at what point does this season make the transition from being very good to special? You could make the case that the last two games are a big step in that direction.

It's the next day and I'm still speechless. If you were not on the bandwagon prior to the Cleveland series, and by the amount of ticket sales and general buzz about this team most of you are clearly aboard, you have to be now, don't you? How much more do you need?

Thanks to Debbie and Paul for my free tickets to last night's game. Due to the Lions free practice, a concert downtown and commitments far north of Detroit during the day, I missed the first few innings--if you call watching Rogers scare the you-know-what out of Tigertown missing something. It also meant I got to park somewhere closer to Windsor than Comerica Park. However, Pudge and the boys made it an enjoyable night.

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