Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Soggy Bloggers, Fading Tigers

I realize there are any number of things you really don't want to see here. Slides of the family vacation would be one. The pictures of my last endoscopy are probabaly another. Tonight's WNBA Finals contest might make your list as well. A post about the Blogger Night at Comerica Park is most likely high on your list of "Please Don't", too. Lucky for you, I'm going to spare you of three of the four.

To prove that we all have a life, and to squash rumors of us living in our parent's basement, a handful of Detroit's sports bloggers got together at last night's Tigers-Mariners game. As is usually the case when the blogging gang assembles, it's was an entertaining evening. I can also say with complete sincerity that the folks I sat in the same row with last night are a talented lot.

Not only do each of them have multiple blogs, but honest-to-goodness jobs (or double majors in progress at Michigan, in Sam's case). Yes, shocking as it may be, it seems most bloggers are actually reasonably normal people with social skills. Yet, they each find time to crank out post after post after post. Their effort is laudable and darn difficult to keep up with, frankly. At least as the oldest, I can use age as an excuse. Really, I should be in bed at this hour.

Having mentioned all of these exceptional blogging efforts, let me shamelessly point out two new efforts. Rob, of Bleacher Guy fame, has begun posting Green and White observations at his latest creation, Obviously, I encourage you to visit his newly claimed piece of cyber-space even though he doesn't even link my Big Ten baseball blog at his site.

Motor City Sports Magazine helps the Metro Detroit area by keeping Greg and Ian off the streets. The mag has re-launched its website this week and, again, I would advise you to stop in and see what is going on.

I suspect Billfer might have added another to his cadre of blogs by now, but having to follow a baseball team that is in first place has cost him some free time this summer.

(Let's see, did anyone else slide me any cash in return for a mention? No? Then, the plugs are done.)

Another thing about the Detroit sports blogging contingent, they are a hearty lot. Umbrella? We don't need no stinkin' umbrella. Well, fine, an umbrella might have come in handy during an hour and a half rain delay. After allowing more than a tad of rain to fall on our collective noggins, we did finally seek shelter. Like there is actual shelter from the elements at Comerica Park.

Alas, while the soggy bloggers did manage to show up for a full nine innings, our ballclub went nighty-night a few innings earlier. As you probably know, after posting an uplifiting three run first inning, the Tiger bats fell silent and the M's caught and eventually passed the Tigers last night. Outside of Andrew Miller's first home appearance (nice call, Ian), it wasn't a terribly memorable game.

Now, combine last night's defeat with today's rain filled loss (three hour delay!?!?!) and allowing Anaheim/Los Angeles/California to take two of three and the Tigers have lost four of six to teams they were beating in July. Now, comes a four game set in Minnesota against a Twins team that may only be three games back before tomorrow morning. Yikes. This race is getting way too tight for my comfort.

Yeah, yeah, I know the stats still favor the Tigers making the post-season. I also know the Chicago isn't exactly tearing up the American League, either. However, would it be too much to ask to win the division by more than three or four games? Would a five game lead really be so bad?

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