Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Lions Prediction

Oakland Raiders 17 Detroit Lions 14

Oh, how I hope I'm wrong. I also hope that this isn't the Lions first game in the Brian Brohm Bowl Championship Series. Although, come to think of it, Brohm has looked pretty good. Seriously, the difference between the Raiders and Middle Tennessee State isn't all that....ok, forget that.

As for the game itself, I tend to believe the Lions can pass the ball effectively, but can't run the rock. On the opposite side, Oakland's D is their strength. That match-up is a wash.

The game then comes down to the Lions defense versus the Raiders O. I believe the Lions can stuff the run (to an extent) and the Black and Silver can run the ball (to an extent). That sounds like another push to me. That only leaves the Lions secondary against the Raiders passing game. I've got little hope for the Detroiters pass defense. Of course, I'm not sure any of the Raiders passers can live up to that moniker.

That means the game is close, probably comes down to special teams, mistakes or intangibles. The latter is the reason for my three point spread favoring Oakland.

The Raiders starting quarterback will either be ex-Lions signal caller Josh McCown or the free agent QB some in town wanted the Lions to sign as insurance for Jon Kitna, Dante Culepepper. Wouldn't it be just typical if the Honolulu Blue and Silver fell to last season's worst team with either a free agent QB they let go, or a free agent QB they never even considered, leading the way?

Tigers' closer Todd Jones is going to hate me, but I'm taking the Raiders and hoping I'm very wrong.

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