Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week Two Lions Prediction

Detroit Lions 24 Minnesota Vikings 21

The key to tomorrow's game for Detroit? Stopping Adrian Peterson. I expect the Vikings offensive game plan to consist of A.P. running right, center and left. And, on occasion, they will throw to their prized rookie coming out of the backfield. That's it. Well, I suppose if Peterson can throw, we may see a halfback option pass, too.

I have to believe that Peterson, behind a pretty good O-line, will get his yards. However, containing him will be the key. Keep the Oklahoma product out of the endzone and I like Detroit's chances.

Jon Kitna will throw a pick or two, but if the Lions can keep the Vikings from taking the INT to the house, perhaps, they can weather the storm. Even with the turnovers, I think the Lions offense is good enough to score a few times.

Minnesota has always been a thorn in the Lions' side. If Rod Marinelli expects me or anybody else to start believing in this team, his charges had best dispatch of the Vikings on home soil.

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