Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Full Disclosure: DIBS Award

I'm going to come clean about my voting in the annual DIBS Tigers Awards. I know all of you were waiting for this revelation. My Tiger of the Year was Carlos Guillen. Second place went to Justin Verlander, third was Magglio Ordonez. Guillen won the DIBS Award.

My Tiger Pitcher of the Year went to Verlander. Kenny Rogers was second and third place went to Jeremy Bonderman (which I attributed to Bonderman being my current answer to the "Who's Your Tiger?" question) . I debated swapping Rogers and Verlander, as I could have for the Tiger of the Year. Both were terrific and if you feel Rogers was more deserving than Verlander, I wouldn't argue. Obviously, my DIBS-mates thought Rogers was the choice, as he claimed the most votes.

My breakout player? I'm thinking you've followed my train of logic here and guessed correctly that I picked Verlander. Joel Zumaya came in third and Marcus Thames was my third place choice. I never imagined Thames jacking out over 20 HRs. Verlander won the DIBS award.

Now, my Playoff Performers would have been, in order, Rogers, Sean Casey and Craig Monroe. Unfortunately, I failed to read the part of the email that said to vote for the Playoff Performer. Geez, I'm just clueless. Anyway, Rogers won the award, so my vote would not have swayed a thing.

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