Friday, November 03, 2006

Rose Rises In Phoenix

Jalen Rose has spurned offers from Detroit and Miami to play in Phoenix. Per usual, I have questions. When did Phoenix get involved in the Rose Sweepstakes? I had only heard the Heat and Pistons mentioned. Why do the Suns need Rose? How long can the Rose hang with the run and gun and run some more Suns? Isn't he going to get worn down by the pace Phoenix plays its best basketball at?

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Ian C. said...

I'm really surprised Rose didn't sign with Miami. That seemed to be the best fit, where he could back up Antoine Walker and Jason Williams.

I would've loved to see him in Detroit, but Joe D told him there wouldn't be many minutes behind Tayshaun Prince (and possibly Chauncey Billups).

I don't get him as a fit in Phoenix, since they already have Boris Diaw (and Shawn Marion and James Jones). But maybe he wants to end his career on a run-and-gun style team, especially one that is a top title contender.