Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Time

Fire Millen.

It's been a chant. A desperate plea. A rallying cry. It's even become a bit of a cultural phenomenon -- having arisen at sporting events not only in Detroit, but throughout the country.

Now, it's taken the next step. It's the only logical course of action.

I cannot give you a single reason to retain Matt Millen in the Detroit Lions front office. I don't think you can, either. My guess is that even Mr. Millen himself would struggle to find a solid reason for him to remain in his current position. Conversely, the list of reasons for the Lions and Millen to part ways is longer than the one Santa Claus finds himself faced with this time of the year.

You don't need me to rehash history here. You know what the Lions record is since Millen took charge. You all know about Millen's failings in personnel decisions -- both in terms of players and coaches. You are well versed in the off-field issues, ranging from players with substance abuse problems to coaches with DUIs. It's time the Ford Family stopped ignoring the obvious. It's impossible to categorize the Millen regime as anything other than a failure.

The Lions will head into 2007, the 50th anniversary of their last NFL Championship, with yet another high draft pick. Quite possibly, the first pick overall. With history as our guide, I can't expect Matt Millen to make the right decision with that choice. Of course, with history as our guide, I can't expect the Ford Family to make the right decision regarding Mr. Millen, either.

Update: The local media have joined the parade. Terry Foster is saying Millen has to go, but suggests the Lions GM might not be the only one shown the door. Long-time Detroit News scribe Jerry Green thinks the writing is on the wall, too.

If, as Foster suggests, the entire Lions front office is sacked, could anyone blame the Ford's for making such a radical move?

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