Friday, January 28, 2005

More On Maggs

Here are today's stories on Magglio Ordonez. Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Daily Oakland Press. If today's rumors are true, speculation indicating that Scott Boras is looking for a deal of five years or longer, the Tigers should pass.

There is no way that Detroit should saddle themselves with a 31 year old (by the way, Happy Birthday, Magglio) with a horrible knee for five years or more. It's a deal that's got Dean Palmer or Bobby Higginson written all over it.

There is also a rumor that Ordonez is looking for around $11 million or more a season. One wild piece of speculation has Ordonez' counter proposal at seven years, seventy-seven million dollars. The Tigers should not provide Ordonez with more money, or the same amount, than the White Sox offered him when they thought he was healthy.

Ordonez, for all of his potential upside, is just too big an injury risk. Three years at $11 million a season, heavily incentive based, with several out clauses for the Tigers, plus a club option for a fourth season. That's the max. In fact, I would prefer a two year deal with a club option for a third season. Anything more than that and I can't call it a good signing.

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